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Action Whey – Overall Rating 5 out of 5

Action Whey is by far the best whey protein that I have yet to find. Emerald Essentials has cut no corners in bringing this product to the consumer. This is the whey protein that I recommend to friends, family and clients who either won’t or can’t source their own organic, 100% grass-fed, raw dairy.


Everything that we have been looking  for in a whey product has been delivered by Action Whey. Great taste, amazing quality and a cost that is actually reflective of value of the product.


Action Whey is a superior product in virtually every way to every other whey protein on the market. Warrior Whey is the only product that I have found that even comes close to Action Whey with regard to quality, but Action Whey still stands head and shoulders above the high-quality Warrior Whey.


Check out the impressive list of pros below!



  • It comes from Grass-Fed cows
  • It comes from genetically superior A2 Raw Milk (Many seemingly healthy whey protein powders actually come from very unhealthy herds of cattle. Action Whey passes this test too)
  • It has high concentrations of CLA
  • It is cold-processed without the use of acids/ion-exchange
  • It is 65% Pure Whey Protein ( no cheap fillers like milk powder )
  • It is naturally sweetened
  • There is no sugar added
  • 100% Natural with Nothing Artificial or Synthetic: Contains NO Artificial Sweeteners, NO Sugar Alcohol and NO Fructose
  •  It is Low-Glycemic, Low-Carb and Diabetic Friendly.
  •  Contains NO Pesticides, Hormones, Chemicals or GMO Ingredients
  •  Does not contain Milk Powder- It is Casein Free
  •  Contains NO Damaged Proteins – It is non-denatured and bioactive
  •  It is only 90 calories per serving
  •  It is high in Cystein (unlike virtually all other commercial whey products)
  •  The whey protein is a concentrate instead of an isolate
  •  Contains no soy-This is very important and often overlooked
  •  It contains these nutritonal co-factors which are absent from most other whey products:
    •  Organic Sweet Whey
    •  Arabinoglactin
    •  Medium Chain Triglycerides
    •  Sunflower Seed Lecithin (As opposed to Soy Lectithin)
    •  Coconut Oil


I had to look pretty hard to find a con, but I didn’t want to leave a completely lop-sided review. I can’t find fault with the product itself, but here are a couple of cons I have found:


  • The containers of whey are too small. When the whey gets down to the last little bit, it is very hard to fit your hand down into the container and scoop the last bit of whey out. (Update: they have fixed this “problem” by adding scoops with longer handles.)
  • If you decide to only buy one can of whey at a time, you will take a heavy hit on shipping and handling. It almost doubles the price of the whey! I would recommend ordering at least 2 canisters at once to get around this problem. (Update: the shipping price has been lowered since I first reviewed this product. So much for the cons!)


Action Whey’s Quality Rating: 5 out of 5


Most products that I review perform terribly on the quality portion of the review, and quality is by far the most important category to take into consideration.


A whey concentrate that is cold-processed, comes from grass fed A2 Jersey Cows and contains NO harmful or synthetic chemicals… What more can I ask for? Well as far as whey protein powders are concerned there is nothing more I can ask for. I am very pleased with this product.


So pleased, in fact that this is the whey that I recommend to my friends, family and clients who either can’t or choose not to make their own whey.


Action Whey’s Taste Rating: 5 out of 5

(Sidenote:  Please read my post about rating the taste if you haven’t already done so.)


I’m not one to make a big deal about taste, because it is quality that I care about, but I actually think that the taste  of Action Whey is great! This was a nice bonus for me. The taste is rich and creamy, and it pairs really well with the raw milk, yogurt and kefir that I routinely drink. I think it tastes great in water too.  Many people I know look forward to taking this whey protein, because they love the taste.


Action Whey  is made with all natural ingredients (find Action Whey’s ingredients, by visiting Emerald Essentials) and comes from high quality whey serum and whey protein concentrate which is why it tastes good.


In addition, the nutritional co-factors and the Luo Han Guo Juice concentrate in the Action Whey combine to make the whey taste even better and the product even healthier.


Currently there are only 2 flavors offered. Chocolate and Vanilla.


Action Whey’s Cost/Value Rating: 5 out of 5

(Sidenote: Please read my post about rating the cost if you haven’t already.)


Action Whey retails for $32.97 + shipping per can. 1 can equals about 15 servings. You can actually lower the price of the Action Whey, by buying in bulk and/or by choosing the autoship option.


My one caveat about the price has to do with shipping.


If you decide to only buy one can of whey at a time, you will take a heavy hit on shipping and handling. It almost doubles the price of the whey!  I would recommend ordering at least 2 cans at once to get around this problem.

(Update: The shipping prices have been lowered since I first wrote this review.)


All that being said, it is still my opinion that the price of Action Whey is worth every single penny, because of the outstanding quality of the product hence the 5 out of 5 rating.


Other Reasons I Am Pleased with Action Whey

There are a few other reasons why I am pleased with Action Whey.  They have to do with the company that distributes Action Whey. I did not want to include those reasons in this review however, because I wanted to keep this review strictly about the quality of Action Whey.


To Sum It Up

No powdered whey protein is going to be as healthy as consuming fresh, organic, 100% grass-fed dairy from a trusted local farmer in your area (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!), but if you can’t find a good source or raw dairy in your area or you just want a healthy whey protein powder, then Action Whey is what you have been looking for. In my opinion, it is the best whey protein powder available.


After thoroughly researching the benefits of Action Whey (I even personally spoke with the president of the company on several occasions concerning the quality of the whey) and trying the product for myself, I determined that it deserved the top position on this site as far as whey protein powders go.


Furthermore it was only AFTER I was absolutely convinced that Action Whey was the best whey protein on the market, that I began recommending it to my clients, friends, family and now you.


If You Value My Honesty and This Review…

If you appreciate my review please consider using the Action Whey links I have provided. If you use the links I have provided to order your Action Whey or any of the the other products offered by Emerald Essentials, I will receive a commission on the sell of the product. My intention is to be upfront and transparent about this.The commissions will allow me to keep this site running so that I can keep giving you and others the truth when it comes to whey protein.


I mean come on! What other  whey protein review site tells readers that their first choice should NOT be to buy whey protein if possible and that there is a better option than whey protein powder? If my whey protein site is not around, who is going to tell you the truth?


If you do decide that consuming a whey protein powder is right for you, then I highly recommend that you give Action Whey a shot. I think you will be very happy that you did.


Click here to order Action Whey.


Thanks for reading my review! I hope it helps lead you to a healthier life!



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